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Does The Institute help you get a job once you have completed your course?

 Jennah Stewart

365体育注册At The Institute we are genuinely passionate about ensuring our students have the head start they need in their new career in fitness. As a part of my role, I speak to our career partners every day to ensure our students have the most up-to-date and relevant information regarding the fitness industry, but also about what career opportunities are out there.

Our career partners are regularly on campus for lunchtime presentations, and are always attending our famous FIRE nights, our Fitness Industry Recruitment Expo's. We also have our Fitness Careers website, fitnesscareers.com.au where all of our career partners advertise their positions. Plus you have me to support you throughout your journey to assist with any queries you may have regarding stepping foot into the industry or applying for new roles.

365体育注册So in a nutshell, yes, you'll definitely get the support you need to ensure you have a successful career in the fitness industry.

Why should I get qualified as a Personal Trainer at the Australian Institute of Fitness?

Shane Neumann, Senior Career Guru & Nathan Scicluna, Master Trainer Graduate

Shane Neumann: Well if you think you're good at training in the gym and you just go start training people, you've obviously got a lot to learn. I thought I had a big background playing for Manly Sea Eagles and the Bulldogs in the NRL; we learned a lot about nutrition, general training principles, stuff that would help us in our game. But once I did the Master Trainer Program, I learnt a lot about special conditions, specialised populations, a lot of stuff you just can't find online and that really opened up my eyes.

A lot of the practical sessions were so much fun as well, but we learnt some really good industry skills in workshops, like suspension training, kettlebells - a lot of that stuff you can't even find online that will help you with your PT. So, man, I learnt so much.

Nathan Scicluna: What really stood out for me, Shane, was the preparation and time that the coaches and the careers team give to every single session. I mean, it can be pretty daunting at times when you first finish your course and you go out there in the big world of fitness.

The Institute really helped craft my career path in the industry by connecting me with so many different people. And now, I'm  Club Manager at F45. I run my own business, Circuit Crew Personal Training, and I work with heaps of high-level athletes on many of their specific needs. It's pretty cool.

How old do I have to be to study at the Australian Institute of Fitness?

Mitch Orupold, Master Trainer Graduate,  Krista Ash, Master Trainer Graduate & Shane Neumann, Senior Career Guru

Mitch Orupold365体育注册: When I started studying to be a Personal Trainer I was 19 years old, which was pretty much straight out of school. My first day here was pretty scary, but with the coaches being here, it really helped me settle my nerves. They were really knowledgeable in answering my questions and if they didn't know the answer to my question, they went out of their way to find it.

Another thing I really loved was the fact that our class really bonded really strongly and really helped us be really good friends.

Kristine Ash: Aw, that's nice. Well, I certainly wasn't straight out of school. When I enrolled at The Institute, I was sort of worried that I'd be the oldest in the class - and I was. But that's okay. I also questioned whether I should pursue a career in personal training, but it was all good. I shouldn't have worried, I fitted into the class, no problem at all.

365体育注册In the class, we had a range of ages. We had young guys and young girls, 17 year olds all the way through; had some 30 year olds all the way through to my age, which is 50. I had a great time at The Institute, really enjoyed the course and, take it from me, if you want to pursue a career in personal training it's never too late to start.

Shane Neumann365体育注册: So, obviously guys, we do have quite a diverse age group throughout our courses, from 16/17 up to 60+ we've had in the past as well.

If you do want to get started in a career here at The Institute, we have a couple of small guidelines. For a Certificate III in Fitness, you do need to be 16. Certificate IV in Fitness or our Master Trainer Program it is 17 years old, and if you want to pursue a career in massage it is 18 years old.

Are the Australian Institute of Fitness courses practical?

Mitch Orupold, Master Trainer Graduate & Brodie Hicks, Fitness Coach

Mitch Orupold365体育注册: Yes, they are. It's a bit different from school, though. We're in the gym almost every session, learning from each other, getting a great workout in, and learning from our coaches. One of my favourite sessions would have been the children and adolescents training sessions, where we obviously got to learn how to train children and adolescents. It was so much fun and it was an amazing workout.

Brodie Hicks365体育注册: Yeah, well look, we here at The Institute we understand that being a Personal Trainer is practical, so the course reflects that as well. I'm out there in the industry actively working and it's so rare for myself not to be up, moving around, and getting involved with all of my clients, so we try and make sure that friends can get that experience before they get out there in the industry as well.

So if you're looking to enrol up and you feel like you're going to be sitting behind a desk all day reading books, you're in for a pretty big surprise.

How can I study to become a Personal Trainer at The Institute?

Melissa, Master Trainer Graduate, Natasha, Master Trainer Graduate, & Alisha, Master Trainer Graduate

Melissa: There are a few options. I chose the blended option, because due to work I couldn't commit full-time to studying on campus but I still wanted that face-to-face interaction with my classmates and my coaches on a regular basis. The blended option gave me the flexibility to do most of my study at home. But, I could also come to campus once a month to hang out with my tribe, and it always heaps of fun.

Natasha: I actually did the online option. The reason why is because of my busy lifestyle. I knew I had to find something that would allow me to study at my own pace, and still feel supported. And, with that, I did feel quite a bit nervous and worried at the start, because I thought I was going to get left behind. But my coaches were incredible. They were there for me throughout my whole course - they were just a quick phone call away if they had any questions, and I did call them quite a few times with a lot of questions. And so they were really great with me and showed me a lot of support. I could even book to come in to campus and meet with my coaches one-on-one. My favourite part was the three-weekend intensive, where I got to meet all my classmates and my coaches face-to-face.

Alisha: I knew that when I enrolled at The Institute I'm a real ‘people’ person, so for me online study wasn't even an option. But when I found out that I could do part-time on campus, work around my busy work schedule, that made me excited. Yes, there were some big days with work and then coming into the campus in the evenings, but - you know what? - when I walked into that classroom, the energy was awesome. And the coaches, the workouts that they put me through, that definitely kept me engaged.

How much does it cost to study at the Australian Institute of Fitness?

Melissa, Master Trainer Graduate, Natasha, Master Trainer Graduate, & Alisha, Master Trainer Graduate

Melissa: Price is always my first question, because I want to know that I can afford it, right? My guru - he's like your career advisor - he was a little reluctant to give it to me over the phone. But what I found was there's a bunch of different payment options, and they just wanted to schedule in a time to give me all the information.

Natasha365体育注册: When I came onto campus and met with my guru and coaches, they were extremely knowledgeable. And they were genuinely so passionate and they just wanted to see me do well in the industry.

Alisha: Yeah, that's so important to me as well. I'm that type of person that you would call a "career changer," so I’ve actually left the corporate world to pursue fitness. So, I was looking for the best and, when I met with my guru and he showed me around the campus, I knew that I was investing in my future. And The Institute really does offer great value for money compared to the others.

How long does it take to become a Personal Trainer?

 Shaun Radford, Fitness Coach

This is a question I get asked all the time, and it comes down to what modality best suits your lifestyle.

Our online Master Trainer Program takes up to 12 months to complete, and works in with your lifestyle. We've got a blended option, which majority of it is online. However, you come onto campus one weekend a month and this takes up to 37 weeks to complete.

We’ve got two on campus options, a full-time option and a part-time option. Our full-time option takes up to 18 weeks to complete. Our part-time is 28 weeks and you'll be out there in the industry.

If you already have a qualification, such as a Certificate III in Fitness, this may adjust your time that it takes to get your qualification. So come in and see us, and see what options best suit you.

How fit do I have to be to study at the Australian Institute of Fitness?

Lahnee Castro, Current Master Trainer Student & Shaun Radford, Fitness Coach

Lahnee Castro365体育注册: Before coming into the course I was really worried about the expectation of what fitness level I would need to have. From the first practical session, the whole tribe was really eager to get started and learn about becoming healthier and fitter, so I realised that it didn't even matter.

Shaun Radford: That's exactly right. As a coach, I've seen students from all sorts of backgrounds and fitness levels. So, if you're worried about your fitness level, come on in, forget about it, you'll do great.

What are the entry requirements at the Australian Institute of Fitness?

Lahnee Castro, Current Master Trainer Student & Rebecca Carter, Careers Angel

Lahnee365体育注册: I really liked how my guru invited me here on campus to sit down with me and find out a little bit more about my goals and why I wanted to be in the industry. They taught me a lot about different opportunities that were there and I didn't have to fill in any long essays or try to get started with an application.

Rebecca: That's exactly right. Here at The Institute, we are really passionate about the fitness industry and we want our students to be just as passionate as us. So we sit down with them, we assess their goals, and we find out basically why they want to become a PT. Aside from that, we also have an acceptance criteria which assesses the skills and values of each and every student, such as punctuality and attitude, just to ensure we are bringing the best people into the industry.

How often do the courses start at the Australian Institute of Fitness?

Elyce Keen, Current Master Trainer Student, Olivia Bowler, Current Master Trainer Student & Rebecca Carter, Careers Angel

Elyce Keen: When I first decided I wanted to become a PT, I thought it would take months to get started. I came on a campus, I had this great chat with my guru Becky, and she let me know I could get started in two weeks. I enrolled straight away.

Olivia Bowler: Yeah, well being a university student I thought that there may be around two course starts per year, but when I found out how often the programs are starting here I opted for the blended program, which allows me to do my university degree at the same time as the Master Trainer Program. It's actually working out really well.

Rebecca Carter: It's funny so many people think that. We understand what it's like to want to take your passion and turn it into a career. You want to do it straight away, right?

Olivia Bowler: Yeah.

Elyce Keen: Yeah.

Rebecca Carter365体育注册: Exactly, so here on campus, at any given time, we have a couple of courses running. We have new ones launching regularly, and we also have our online option which starts every second month. faq